Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bumpy Head

Dear Jill,

Thank you for the pointers on the tiny scalps, it was really useful! I checked the full tutorial out and it makes me want to customise a Petite Blythe now!

I managed, with some difficulty, to scalp Nicky on Sunday night. It was so fiddley getting to the roots on the inside of the head, and it was parted all weird too (you remember what her fringe looked like!). This is what the scalp looks like without hair...

Look at all the massive holes! That line, unbelievably, was her parting!

Note the odd bump at the top of the scalp. Weird...

And I did similar to what the tutorial said - I clipped off alot of the manky plastic to make a bigger hole, whilst not taking it too far.

I have so far plugged the parting and the bottom 2 rows of hair. More pictures to come when I have finished!


PS - I love the Rosie Apple and Friends blog! What a great idea to have your Blythe write for it sometimes!

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