Thursday, September 22, 2011


Dear Sarah,

I got my chippies from CoolCat Monday! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some customizations this weekend between all the reading I have for school.

Coral's eyechips.

Coral's chippies! She'll have left facing yellows, forward facing pink/orange and floral, and right facing greens.

Zooey's eyechips  

And Zooey's. She has a more naturalistic theme. She'll have left facing pinks, forward facing browns and grays, and right facing greens.

Both girls will have right facing greens. They'll also get sleep eyes (so they can finally sleep!) as well as a slight matting/makeup removal. I'm thinking they'll look like THIS girl. And a quick hair wash and they'll be ready for photo shoots with their Wubba Chikens!

 ♥ Jillie

 P.S. I love how Katie's doll is looking!

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