Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Sarah,

I'm really excited to see the Blybe for Katie! Especially her hair. It looks divine, like a green cloud. I can't wait to see her all put together. I really like those pink chippies, nice and vibrant, unlike those creepy pink chippies that came with my Simplys. It's funny how the Blybe and Bleh's stock chippies are nicer! Didn't Nicky have nice grey ones? 

And I'm so excited about your Nicky Lad and body! The body and the hands are going to be a blast for photoshoots. Do standard Blythe clothes fit Pure Neemo bodies? 

I was on eBay the other day, which is badbadbad for my wallet, and happened upon a nude Prima Dolly Violet for only $50! 

But I was outbid a few hours before and she ended up going for $101. Not too bad, but I don't have money right now. I think I'll have to wait until December like you, and cross my fingers Santa Claus brings me one!

My girls got some new skirts in the mail from a swap, but they only have one shirt so we had to improvise.

Coral loves the hat!

The woman I swapped with has a shop, Good Sewing. She has some great fabrics for cheap, but use GoogleTranslate as I don't know if you speak Hebrew! 

I'm almost finished the Zombie Bunny hat; just have to stitch it all together, and I made a headband for Coral as well:

Very simple, two rows of single crochet, with the flower button. It goes perfectly with her stock dress.

Aside from that, things are quiet over here, [trying] to wait patiently for our chippies from CoolCat!

♥ Jillie

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