Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eye chips

Dear Sarah,

Coral's beautiful butterfly and floral eyechips came from Milky Way Blythe! They are perfect for her, and go amazingly with her hair.


I'd love to put them in now, but I want to wait until the rest of the chippies get here from CoolCat. I'd prefer to just take their heads apart once. (!!! I'm scared!)

I decided since their heads will be open for sleep eyes, and I'm going to change at least one pair (I hate that deep orange!) I would change them all. And $3.50 isn't too expensive. For Coral, I bought:
For Zooey I bought:
I'm excited! The plan for customizing is:
  • sleep eyes
  • new chippies
  • hair washing (Zooey's hair is still greasy from the box. Bleh.)
  • slight matting with the Magic Sponge
Hopefully I get my chippies from CoolCat real soon and can have a Blythe Customization Weekend.

♥ Jillie

P.S. I added some sites to our database!

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