Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dear Sarah,

I know we both have limited monies to spend on our Girls, spend a lot of time surfing eBay and Etsy for deals. I surfing Etsy yesterday, and came across some great finds! Now usually I know the majority of our Blythe allotted funds go to clothes and shoes, but I've been wanting a place for my girls to sit and/or sleep. I haven't really looked for furniture, though I do need to stop by Toys 'R Us and see if I can get a cheapy Barbie wardrobe. I have seen some chairs on eBay, but these two really caught my eye: crocheted amigurumi furniture! "Why not!?" thought I. This combines two things we love: crochet and Blythe, to create some kick-@$$ accessories, because the girls always need accessories, no? Of course!

First I found a pink armchair with an adorable little pillow:

It doesn't say made especially for Blythe, but I'm sure it'll work, even if we have to go up a hook size. This shop also has guitars, a bubbly sofa, cake couches, and a wide pink armchair.

But I think my favorite sofa is this one:

Isn't it darling? I like the simplicity of it, and the colored pillows on white. It seems retro in these primary colors. That seems to be the only Blythe pattern from that shop, but she does have some cute items.

Now to just give my girls a little nook or shelf, and they'll get some furniture! It'll be a nice change from standing up all the time.

♥ Jillie

NB: Clicking the picture will take you to the respective shops.

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