Sunday, September 25, 2011

Introducing Olive

Dear Jill

I'm loving Coral and Zooey's new chips! I am so excited for you! I hope you have lots of fun with them, and remember - be brave!!

Talking of customs, late last week I completed my own custom on Katies Basaak. I give you... Olive!

I had loads of fun customising her! There were a few firsts with this doll, like painting freckles and swaping the Basaak body for a Licca Chan one. I really like the new Licca Chan body - it is so much more flexible than the original, and even the Blythe.

Katie requested I keep all the original eyechips, and I think they really suit her...

Things I have learnt whilst doing this customisation:

1. Always leave the hair longer than you really want it. It's much easier to trim it than reroot it.

2. Paint on the faceplate can be removed, even when MSC has been applied. You just need some sandpaper.

3. MSC stains garden furniture!

4. Don't add fabric medium to the paint you use on the eyelids. Just apply paint straight from the bottle.

5. A wobbly head can look really cute!

Kit11670 on Ebay deliver really quickly! Thank you for the great outfit!

I took the doll round to Katies on Saturday and she loved her! I have emailed her some links to sites that sell Blythe clothes - I think I have created a new Blythe-a-holic!


PS - Yay for FBL love! I don't know why they get a bad rap - they're so cute!

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