Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Girl

Dear Jill,

I totally agree - they are very cute indeed! Have you found anywhere that sells them? I found a couple on but they were so expensive :(

I have great news! I have ordered a new Blythe! My Mum and Dad knew I was after a new girl, so they said they would get me one for my birthday! It was between Punkaholic People or Nicky Lad, and I chose...

Nicky Lad!

I've wanted a Nicky Lad for a long time - it was between her and Zoe (STT) back in April, but the one thing I wasn't keen on with Nicky Lad is the yellow eyeshadow. But now I have dabbled in a few customs I know I can easily change that :)

On top of that, I also got an Azone 1/6 Pure Neemo Flection S Natural Body and the Azone 1/6 Pure Neemo Advance Option Hands Set B - both from Mimi Collection on Ebay!

I have big plans for this girl, but the sad thing is I have to wait until my birthday in December to get my hands on her. It will be worth the wait though, I'm sure!


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