Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reroot Weekend

Dear Jill,

I am loving Corals new Milky Way Blythe eyechips! They really do go well with her hair, and also her personality! Can't wait to see them on her!

I also really like your choice of CoolCat Chips, such lovely colours! When I've ordered from CoolCat before it hasn't taken too long for my items to arrive, so hopefully you should get them soon and have your Customization Weekend!

I'm having a bit of a customization weekend of my own - tonight I am going to scalp Nicky, my Basaak Blyh! She came to me looking like this...

...and now looks like this...

I plan on taking her hair out (which will be tricky - look at the scalp opening!!) and reroot her with some Sirdar Supersoft Aran yarn, in Plummy. I think I am going to cut it long, and put it in an up-do. Wish me luck!


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