Friday, October 14, 2011

Lillith and a Spaceman Suit

Dear Jill,

Wow, that is one cool Blythe! You're right - it's so me!! I took a good look at that shop too and they do some amazing items. I love the little ties, and the Smiling Spaceman Suit looks like Vince Noir's Mirror Ball Suit from The Mighty Boosh!!


And I can't get over how great Coral looks!! Those chips really suit her - especially the yellow ones! Yay!!

In other news, I have started a new girl! I know, I know...

This time she is going to be just for me, and her name is Lilith. Here she is emerging from her box...

She has a bit of a story - I bought her back in August from the fab Ninabella9 on Ebay. I thought I was purchasing 3 Basaak Blybe dolls, but when I examined them all I found one, Lilith, was different. You might be able to see in the picture that her face is ever so slightly different, and her body is alot thinner. I wouldn't mind but Blythe clothes come up massive on her. Hmmm...

I later found out that I had actually bought 2 Basaak Blybes and a CCE doll. It was totally my fault - I didn't read the listing properly. Ninabella9 was nice enough to offer me a full refund, and I was all ready to send her back when I suddenly felt sorry for her! It's like she was the odd one out that no one loved. Poor thing! So I decided at the last minute to keep her :)

I also thought that it would be nice to make some photo tutorials of the different customising stages as I make Lilith over. So that's what I'll be doing! The first will be How To Do A Yarn Reroot. Coming soon!


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