Friday, November 11, 2011

Blybe Vs CCE

Dear Jill,

Wow, looks like you and Lola had a great time! I'm so glad she's fitting in well! And I like Zooeys dress actually - very pretty colour combo!

Blybes and CCE's. Yep, they do seem to be the most Blythe like of the clones. Here is a comparion picture...

I found there to be a slightly wider nose bridge on the CCE than the Blybe. You can also see a slight difference in the eye shape - the CCE's are more oval. When I took the face apart I found the inner edge of the eye (where your tear ducts are) to be almost pointed.

The CCE also has extra plastic around the mouth - if you look closely you can see the mouth is actually shaped into a smile. I had to sand this away when I customised Lilith, as I didn't want her to be smiling.

The body's are totally different...


The Blybe body is very much like Takara. Blythe clothes and shoes fit perfectly, but there is a stark colour difference. The Blybe is much more pink.

The CCE body is a tiny bit shorted than Takara, but as you can see it is very thin. Blythe clothes fit, but are very baggy. If you were customising a CCE and wanted her to wear Blythe clothes, I would change the body to a Licca Chan or Azone. Plus if you notice the top of the neck - it is completely different to Blybe and Blythe, which are pretty similar. For a Takara/Blybe/Azone/Licca body to fit a CCE head you need to make adjustments (tutorial to follow!)

Other notes:

. Blybe eyechips are a right pain to remove. You will need a Dremmel. And patience.

. Don't bank on Coolcat and Brainworm chips fitting Blybe/CCE. On all occasions I have had to make the eyechip wells bigger with the help of a dremmel.

. The face colour are both very similar, but both are more pink than Takara.

. My CCE's scalp was floppy. It is made of very thin plastic. It's easier to reroot than Blybe, but you will be left with a spongy head.

. There is a big margin from where the bottom of the scalp starts and the hair begins on the Blybe. I got over this by adding an extra row of plugs. You will also need to stick the Blybe scalp and dome down when you're finished - it lifts off very easily.

. Both eye mechs are the same, though the inside of the CCE's head has some extra bits of plastic where the screws hold the plates together. This doesn't get in the way of any customising though :)

In conclusion, I would say that the Blybe is more like a Takara. I have never customised a Blythe, so I am basing this mainly on what the dolls look like. But the difference is minimal, apart from the body, obviously :S

I hope this has helped!


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