Thursday, November 3, 2011


Dear Sarah,

I finally finished Zooey's eyes, and got around to putting her back together. (I also snapped Coral's head pieces back together so now she has proper eyelids and doesn't look like she's giving everyone the stink eye.)

21.1 Coral's New Eyes

Coral's New Eyes:
Top: Floral from milkywayblythe; Yellow Actionoid from CoolCat
Bottom: Green 20 line; Yellow and pink Plum Blossom, both from CoolCat

21.2 Zooey's New Eyes

Zooey's New Eyes (I wanted her to have more natural/normal looking eyes, whereas Coral could have kooky and crazy ones that went with her personality.)
Top: Pale gray Plum Blossom; Dark pink Actinoid
Bottom: Dark green 20 Line; Brown Plum Blossom, all from CoolCat


I'm so thrilled with the tutorial, as I have a custom Blybe in mind (post forthcoming!)

When you say Vince's Mirror Ball suit from The Mighty Boosh, I just think of this one:

Teehee, naughty naughty!


Just a few housekeeping items to note:

  • we have a Christmas countdown on the right hand side!
  • we have a new page for EssHippo original patterns and links, which also includes our Ravelry page. (OnePinkHippo apologizes for the delay in knitting patterns, but they will get there soon enough.)
  • keep an eye out on the Blythe Database, and it does get updated regularly
  • HERE is a quick pattern for an embroidered felt skirt! I'll definitely be whipping a few of these up, as well one of Lola who's begging me to do something with this skull fabric she found
Happy Blything and Crafting!

♥ Jillie

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