Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Arrival: The Opening

Dear Sarah,

The girls had a new arrival over here as well! I didn't think she would arrive so soon, but I'm glad she did.

We have a new sister!

The girls were really excited!

Zooey was so excited!

Zooey was especially thrilled, since when Lola came Zooey was in pieces. Zooey was quite dismayed when she was put back together and Coral had made fast friends with Lola. 

The Domos are confused as to why Adalind came in such a big box, and as to why she really isn't shaped like a Domo.

The Domos are familiar with boxes, since they order so many of themselves, but they were a little confused as to why this box was so big, and what that big headed thing was inside.

Goodness Domos, she hasn't even gotten out of the box yet before you start stealing her things.

...so the Domos tried to make off with her accessories. They're like little kids, I swear. (But she did come with some neat accessories. Sunglasses and an awesome leather jacket, as well as a necklace that I'm having trouble joining round her neck because it's so tiny, and some kick ass boot that I want in my size!)

"Uh, can you get me out of here...please...? Soon? ...like NOW?"

She was a little miffed I was taking so many pictures rather than taking her out.

Domos are great at unpacking.

The Domos thought they could take her out of the plastic, but she was not having it! She's quite vain about her hair.

Her little jacket is so awesome!

Here she is, fresh and clean from cardboard and plastic. Meet Adalind! We had a mini photoshoot the other day, pictures are HERE in her set. She's already gone through the girl's wardrobe and decided that none are really her style, so she needs me to make her something real quick.

She's an RBL and I can't really tell the difference until I put her up against Coral and Zooey. There's slight differences, but not as much as say an SBL and FBL. She doesn't have the same "cuteness;" she looks more sophisticated.  She's my first doll with extra long hair, (I cut Lola's to mid thigh length) so I'm having a ball being able to braid it and have more freedom to give her updos. It's a bit staticy, so I think all three girls (poor Lola) are going to be in for a Spa Day.

♥ Jillie

P.S. Your family is looking lovely!

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