Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Attaching A Licca Body Tutorial

Dear Jill,

Adalind is beautiful! Congrats!! Lol she looks like she could be a handful!! And well done you for taking Coral out - I wish it was something I felt comfortable doing, but alas, I am a coward. Maybe someday!

Today I have for you the long awaited Licca to CCE body swap tutorial. I had totally forgotten I had the pictures for this, when I was reminded by Meester X on Flickr. Thank you for jogging my memory!

This is a tutorial about attaching a Licca Chan body to a CCE head, but it also works for attaching any body to a head where the neck hole is too big for the actual neck - including Pure Neemo body to Blythe head :)


This is the inside of a CCE dolls head. It's pretty similar to the Basaak/Blybes really - it has the same eye mech and spring. The thing that is very different is the neck hole. As you can see, it is very wide. That is because the neck of the CCE body...

... is also very wide. It's strange - the body is tiny but the neck's massive! Here is it compared with a Basaak/Blybe body...

Note the different neck shapes. If you tried attaching a Basaak/Blybe body, or even a Licca Chan (which has a similar neck to Basaak/Blybes) is will simply fall out of the head. The way round this...

Rubber bands! You just need to keep wrapping the bands around the part of the neck that has the little groove in it. This is how it fits onto the CCE head...

Keep adding bands until you get the sturdyness you want. The fewer bands, the wobblier the head will be. This can be a good thing, if you wanted to pose your dolls with their head slightly tipped.

When all's done, you can reattach the head, and you're done!

Pretty simple really :)

I hope this was of some help!


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