Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blythe in Public

Dear Sarah,

I finally got enough courage to take Coral out to somewhere that wasn't my backyard or the playground outside my house. I started small; we just went to our storage unit to pick up a few Christmas decorations. And I ended up not running into anyone anyway, but I suppose it's a good start. Baby steps, right?

We're off!
She really wanted to drive, but she didn't bring her ID.

"Goodness, we have a lot."
"Gee, we sure have a lot of decorations!"

Santa pillow

Time(r) for Door

This is a big place.
Big space, small girl.

All packed in the car!
Hurray! Everything fits! 

And a few links:

Ha, I can't imagine trying to get any of my girls to wear it! But it's kinda cute! 

♥ Jillie

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