Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Progress Customization Pictures are Creepy

Dear Sarah,

I've really been wanting to customize, but have been scared about messing up an expensive Blythe, and a little wary after reading how hard it was to get the chippies out of Blybe and CCEs. So I decided to practice on a staple of every American girl's childhood, a beloved Barbie doll. I've had this one lying around for a while, and I haven't used her for much, only to swipe her shoes, socks, and skirt for Coral. So instead of studying for a final, I decided to start as much as I could at 1 AM and without buying anything. I need to get Christmas gifts done and rearrange my terribly messy craft room before I start customizing, but just a start.

So, this is Barbie in all her plastic, 1990s/early 2000s glory:

I took her face off with acetone nail polish remover. I plan on redoing her eyes and eyebrows in a less creepy Barbie-ish way, and giving her lighter lipstick. I also cut the majority of her hair off because it was gross, and to see how it was rooted into her scalp. I can't decide if I want to give her a yarn reroot, or get a cheap wig and use the acrylic from that. But here she is in her horrific state:

Yeah, she looks completely different and completely terrifying. I really need to hurry up and start work on her, because she's just so damn scary! But Christmas gifts come first.

Also, I'm looking for a Licca body for Zooey, so if you see a cheap one, do let me know! Nice tutorial, buy the way. I saw one for fixing a Kenner body, I believe, and they used a screw for the neck. A little unnerving, but apparently it worked fine.

♥ Jillie

P.S. Happy birthday!!

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