Monday, January 2, 2012

Blythe 12 for 2012 Wish List

Dear Sarah,

Here it is, my 12 for 2012 wish list! 

1. A Licca or Pure Neemo body for Zooey: I really want her to be able to do more, especially since I've been able to see what Lola can do with her bendy Licca-body-self. I plan to keep Adalind stock, and she and Coral come with nail polish and it's too cute to just get ride of those bodies.

2. A shelf: Already complete! I got rid of a dresser and put a mini bookcase in my room. It's so nice to have a bookcase, so now my Blythes have the top shelf, the Domos the first shelf (they have yet to move in) and the second and bottom are for books. Clothes are in the closet now, not books.

3. Doc Martens in every color!

4. A BlytheCon UK 2012 ticket: *crosses fingers* EssHippo together!

5. Miniature amigurumi: This is one of the many that are basically aimed at getting myself motivated to make my Blythes more things. I really want to knit them some mini chickens, like those pictured from Mochimochi Land, and other mini animals.

6. One of those plastic crowns I see all around Flickr and don't know where they came from: I'm determined to figure this out. I did find they come from Petite Princesse Placard, but am not sure who/what that is. We must conduct more research, Watson.

7. This was going to be clear fishnets to protect their legs from stains, but as I was browsing for a picture for the mosaic I came across some insane floral tights, so it's been switched. Floral tights will always outrank clear fishnets.

8. Holiday clothes! My girls do have Christmas dresses...they're just in pieces in a box in my sewing room. I was hoping I'd get them done, but I still have Christmas presents for people I haven't finished. So I'll be starting this year making those, so at least for next Christmas they'll have nice dresses.

9. Hogwarts sweaters, hats, and scarves: Because every Hogwarts student needs proper school spirited apparel in order to properly represent their House.

10. Miniatures! These are going to have to be cheap miniatures, so probably no Rement unless I stumble upon a deal for cheap on eBay. I love mini things, and since I have so many Domos, would love some miniature things that both Domos and Blythe can share and use for photographs/mayhem.

11. Outerwear/weather appropriate clothing: So far everyone has one cold weather item, but only Coral has one knit by me! It's weird for them to go outside in the cold and snow (soon hopefully!) with bare arms and legs. Sure, they're plastic, and don't have nerves or anything, but it'll make for weird photographs of dolls out frolicking in the snow in little sundresses and ice skates. Makes me cold just thinking about it.

12. A makeover for Pippa: Poor Pippa, my little LPS. She's not even listed as being one of the Girls of EssHippo. She just really doesn't have any spark, no oomf. I think she needs a quick makeup and a yarn or crazy acrylic reroot to give her something extra. I do like her bittyness.

I would usually think that this would be impossible to complete, but it's only the second day of the year and I've already got one finished! I can't wait to see your list.

♥ Jillie

P.S. I've got some new family members, and I hear you do, too! Updates from both houses soon!

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