Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blythe 12 for 2012

Dear Jill,

I love your 12 for 2012! It took me a while, but I finally managed to get round to doing one of my own, too. Enjoy! :)

1. Blythe Boots! My girls don't have many shoes, and Blythe boots are so cute! They're a must this year!

2. Blythe Crown Like you, my girls are demanding their own crowns *rolls eyes* The search continues...

3. Make More For Blythe This includes sewing as well as crocheting. I would also like to knit some things too, but I will have to practice alot before I can get good enough to knit Blythe clothes.

4. Take One Of My Girls To New York! I am going to New York in May, and plan on taking one of my girls. But which one?!! I am also hoping there will be an EssHippo meet!

5. BlytheCon 2012, Manchester Again, hopefully this will be an EssHippo meet too!

6. More Blythe Photoshoots I really want to start taking more pictures of my girls. I'd also like to start taking them outside.

7. Make Some Blythe Sized Furniture My Grandad would have loved making me some mini furniture for my dolls, but now it is up to me. I'd really like to make some sofas and a bed! And get some wardrobes. And a table. And.......

8. Hold Back On The Spending At the start of 2011 I had zero girls. Now I have 14. I really need to cut back!

9. Rement! Or similar miniature things! It would be nice to use them for Domos too :)

10. A Clown Girl I know, I know, clowns are creepy. But I wouldn't mind customising a Basaak or CCE into a clown. I already have plans...

11. Open The EssHippo Etsy Shop!! Coming soon!!

12. Keep Up With The EssHippo Blog I would like to blog more, and possibly start some new features, like having one of my girls write penpal letters to one of Jills girls! How cute!

I don't know how many of these I will get done, but I hope atleast some will be fulfilled this year!


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