Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Girls

Dear Jill,

How is the customising going? Your Barbie looks creepy with no eyes! I hope all is going well :)

And how was your Christmas? Hope you got loads of lovely Blythe goodies! I was very luck to have 2 new girls arrive over the holidays!

I finally got my hands on my Nicky Lad! She was a present from my Mum and Dad, and I called her Sam. I went with a name that could be either a girls or a boys - she is a tomboy after all :)

Secondly I got myself a Jecci Five doll! I know, she's not Blythe, but I couldn't resist. She's really lovely - really good quality and a similar shape and size to my Blythe, so they can lend her some clothes! I named her Amber, on account of her beautiful hair colour :)

I hear you have a new arrival of your own - can't wait to see her!


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