Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alexis Emerald


Dear Sarah,

Rumor has it there is a new girl in town. Not Rachel's Ribbon, but one I'm far more excited for. Meet Alexis Emerald:

She is absolutely gorgeous! 

From what I've read it seems her stock is a black strapless dress, a burgundy overcoat, black fishnet stockings, black heels, black undies, and golden bow earrings. Her eyechips are naturally themed brown, grey, light blue and a light green. Her lips, cheeks, and nails are painted pink and she has grey eyeshadow. I'm guessing RBL here, and that she isn't translucent (though many BK-ers wish she was.)  We're also not sure if she's a limited edition, and I'm hoping no, for budget reasons. (2012 has already seen two Blythes and a JerryBerry at OPH, can we handle another?) But the best part in my opinion, and the main reason that's drawn me to her is the hair!

Gorgeous color, long and luscious, and it looks like it's wavy/slightly curled? Personally, I've been dying for a blue haired girl and there aren't many stock. We've got Simply Sparkly Spark (whom I always forget about), Candy Carnival, Can Can Cat, and many collector's grail doll, Princess a la Mode. She's a beautiful girl, but has become quite expensive. Luckily (hopefully!) for us, it seems like Alexis Emerald is a slightly different PAM for people who can't afford her or who aren't fully in love with her, but still like her hair, the latter being me.

Here's a shot of them together: 

Don't get me wrong, now. PAM's a gorgeous doll, but not for the price she runs for on eBay. She's not my grail doll either, a Miss Sally Rice is. If AE isn't a special release or anything, I'm guessing she'll be under $200, which will be much more affordable that a NRFB PAM, or even a custom with a PAM scalp.

My opinion on AE? I'm putting money in my savings account right now for her. I'm basically sold. If I could send CWC a check rightnow and they'd send her to me in March or May or whenever she's going to be released, that's quite fine, I just want need her. I'm already pretty sure what I'll name her.

Now to just make room on my dolly shelf...

♥ Jillie

P.S. BlytheKingdom Alexis Emerald thread HERE.

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  1. I want an Alexis Emerald too! I keep checking all the Blythe blogs and googling occasionally to see if there is any news. That is actually how I came across your blog... I think I'll check it out a bit more now. :)