Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BlytheCon UK 2012

Dear Jill,

I love the painting of Zooey by Meester X!. She looks so pretty! It was so nice of Meester X to paint them for us!

I have some fab news - EssHippo will be going to BlytheCon UK this year!

BlytheCon UK 2012 (BCUK 2012) will be held on Saturday 6th October 2012, in Manchester, at the Double Tree Hotel. It's a special year this year, as Blythe is celebrating her 40th Birthday! Because of this there is going to be a fab after party, which we also got tickets for. Weeeee!

It's going to be so great - I hear there will be vendors selling all manner of Blythe items, and workshops being held throughout the day on things like customising. And best of all - we get to have an EssHippo reunion and meet aload of our Blythe friends! Yay!

There is a ton of info on the Official BCUK 2012 website, where you can also buy tickets to the event. Soon there will be a schedule and vendors info up too. You can also find out more about BCUK 2012 at these sites:





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