Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alexis Emerald is REAL!

Dear Sarah,

Alexis Emerald is a real girl! She's going to be released in May! May is going to be so exciting! An EssHippo meet in New York City and Alexis Emerald? Holy carp, I really need to get things together and  get Zooey to fill out some job applications for me. She is the smart one you know.

But CWC/Blythedoll.com released AEm's illustration and short story! (AEm, as she will be referred to, not AE, to be confused with Angelica Eve.)

Alexis is bringing her fianc√© to meet her parents to receive a blessing from their family.  
She’s a little nervous but reminds herself to keep smiling.

For this special day Alexis chose a muted colors and elegant fashion.  
She wears a wine-colored, drop waist dress with frills at the neck and waist, black fishnet stockings and pumps.

Face type:  Radiance
Face color:  fair (natural color)
Lip and Cheek:  bright pink
Eye shadow:  light gray
Hair style:  center-parted long hair with a loose perm
Hair color:  bluish green
Eye color: light purple, gray, light green, light brown  (all special colors!)
Base of stand is a bluish-green with a gold post

* Final product may differ from this design image.

Release date: May 2012
Retail price: 14,490 yen (tax included)


She's also "Top Shop Limited" and we're not quite sure if that means she has something to do with Top Shop, or only select places can sell her and if she'll only be limited to about 3000 dolls. Also 14,490 yen is about $173 or about £108 so she's quite affordable. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about her and finally get her!

And just for giggles, this is the story we got from the mobile site last night. It wasn't up in English on the mobile or web. It's a translation worth reading:

Cross the finish line in a little more. Today is the day of lovers to meet your parents.
I have been nervous, I have to do not forget to smile.
I mean, that his gate, I love. 
I wonder leads to happiness in the blessings of the family · · · 
Emerald is Alexis, I chose for the special day, elegant fashion of muted colors. 
One Piece, we select the low waist dress of red wine. 
 The fashion of muted colors, neck and chest is switching part of the skirt is decorated with flowers plus ♪ the pomp steric, the frill 
 Feet, we have coordinated a black fishnet stockings and pumps. 
 Face type is Radiance, color Feith, the Fair is the (natural skin). 
 Cheek light gray eye shadow, and lip is bright pink. 
 Hair style is a loose perm Long Hair took the center part, hair color is bluish green. 
 Eye color, light purple, gray, light green, light brown and was all set to special color! 
 Base of the stand is a bluish green, gold post is. 
 Illustration is a design drawing. There is a different case and the final specification. 

 (via a BlytheKingdom thread, page 30)  

 ♥ Jillie

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