Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Hair Affair

Dear Sarah,

Before I get all giggly and crazy about the shop and introduce the newest Blythe release, I have long delayed introductions.

All the way back in January I purchased two girls: a Simply Lilac with a Stella Savannah eye mech, and a FrankieDarling custom Simply Vanilla vampire with a Simply Mango scalp:

"Don't you like the nice weather, Mimi?"

No one's really too thrilled with their hair. The SL, named Quinn, had okay hair, but the ends were kinda jankity. The SV, who went through being named Fyvie, to Mimi, to eventually and finally Coraline, was none too happy with her orange hair, and we knew it had to be changed ASAP.

Quinn's hair was the easiest to remedy. I took her to my hairdresser, (who my mom has known longer than she's been married to my father, so I wasn't too concerned about weird you're-24-with-a-doll looks) and asked her to give her a bob. I've wanted a shorter hair girl for a while. It turned out my hairdresser wanted to keep her (NO!) and Quinn got a cute cut.

Her little secret smirk

And she got a trip to Washington DC!

Coraline on the other hand, poor Coraline. Who knew it was going to be so hard to find a danged black scalp? Since I usually look for fantasy haired girls, I haven't really noticed that Takara/CWC hasn't put out that many black haired girls, so people cling to these scalps. They're not readily up for sale on BK as others are. So I got her a wig.

Mimi's wig came! 
"What's your blood type?"

It was okay, but was ruining the Simply Mango scalp underneath, and was sitting on her head weird and was poofy. The SM scalp was in great shape, and I knew I would either sell it or save it. So, the wig came off, even though it made me want her to have black hair even more since I knew how great it looked.

Then I found a Nostalgic Pop scalp on BK, but it was pretty expensive! But pah, I went ahead and bought it anyway. Yay, Coraline would be complete! ...right?

Well, it was coming from the Netherlands, and it didn't have tracking and I was impatient and was watching Shrek one night (apparently that helps with inspiration) and looked at Zooey and Coraline and thought "why don't they switch scalps?! Then I could save money!"

Like she's looking out a window.

I figured it looked okay on Coraline and would be happy and then resell the NosPop scalp, especially since an unforseen medical issue means we've had to put a stop on Blythe clothes and Domos, but what I didn't expect is how amazing it looked on Zooey! She's a completey new doll, and I am sosososos much happier with her!

Coral's long lost twin Darks

Even though she was my mini me, I didn't really bond with her as much as the other dolls. If I had to sell one, I would have been her. But now, with this scalp, there's no way she's going anywhere! I gave her some little Domo charms as pullrings, and she is just the cutest thing. She's changed completely.

ADAD 062/365: Domo pullring! 

And then a few days later, Coraline's NosPop scalp came in, and I was awed at the thickness (I think she has better hair than I have!) and it looks divine on her.

Greens Do you feel better now, Coraline?

So it seems as though there won't be any scalps sold (I think I'll keep the Chocolate one, maybe root some highlights in or something.) but now I have some pretty amazing looking girls, and it feels like I have a new doll! Who knew how much a simple scalp switch could change them!

♥ Jillie

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