Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bent Bones

Dear Sarah,

Coraline and I are quite excited to see the Vampire5! She wants to know if your vamp will have fangs as wittle as hers.

I promised her no, so hopefully your girl will have nice full fangs. :E

I finally got my hands on some MSC and what a wonder it has made! I have pictures to upload of the new de-shined girls, but I want to share what happened with Quinn's innards first. When I was putting her back together, I noticed her white arch looked a bit funny.

Say what?

Then her eyes didn't close. I posted the picture on Flickr and people said it looked like I had put the eye mechanisms back together wrong. After feeling incredibly stupid, I took more pictures and posted them, because I've never removed the actual eye pieces themselves from the lid part.

Thank goodness for Flickr! Another Sarah, sglahe, the wonder woman behind Kaleidoscope Kustoms Kuties and Rag Bag Designs sent three reference photos for help:

Okay so this is what the rectangle at the top of the clip should look like. It just moves forward and clips on like this.

The clip should be this direction with the shorter parts of the rectangle on the sides...

This is the direction that your clip is and that is why it's extended out like that. You just need to rotate it around so the rectangular part is clipped the other way. The shorter sides of the rectangle go on the sides of the clip...not the top and bottom.

Turns out poor Quinn has a broken bone that can basically never be fixed unless I get a replacement white arch. I can still move her eyes, I just have to do it with my thumbs. So it's not a big deal; she just doesn't have a pullstring.

And she can look down and judge from above!

Sarah said I can share these pictures with our readers so hopefully it will come in handy!

Also, Quinn is sporting new hair.

No matter the hairs, always Quinn. ♥

She's now a bobbed brunette! I took the Simply Chocolate scalp from Hester/Zooey/Brooke and chopped it up. I adore it on Quinn. Now she's a three part hybrid...I guess not even a hybrid, she's like a puzzle girl. And she has a soft spot in my heart for it; she's become one of my favorites.

Currently, Quinn is made up of:

  1. Simply Lilac face and back plate
  2. Stella Savannah eye mechanism
  3. Simply Chocolate scalp and dome
  4. Licca Chan body
My little girl of many parts! 

Get those vampire pictures up ASAP! I'm so excited to see her!

♥ Jillie

P.S. Next: review of Margo Unique Girl, and why I'm glad I waited

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