Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Hats In Store

Dear Jill,

What a palava with Quinns eye mech! I can see now where it was put together wrong. I'm glad you got her sorted out, and that she can now look down! It adds so much character to them, doesn't it!

This weekend I have listed 3 new hats for the EssHippo Blythe Etsy shop!

I used some more of Wilkinsons lovely variegated yarn to make this hat - it's such nice stuff and the size of the hat make the colours repeat nicely :)

Inspired by all the London Olympics drama happening over here at the moment! I am tempted to keep this one...

Rainbow Mesh Slouchy Hat
A brighter ROYGBIV hat! It was lots of fun to make, picking and changing the colours

All hats are now available in the EssHippo Blythe Etsy Shop now!

Sarah -x-

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