Sunday, May 27, 2012

Possible New Releases!

Dear Sarah,

Ooo, things are getting exciting now that future Blythe releases are leaking via the Internet without being officially released. But then there's a lot of conjecture and then we have to wait a while before they're out.

I was over a BlytheKingdom and since Alexis Emerald has been official released, with a lot of fanfare mind, I was wondering about new releases. I found THIS thread which linked to THIS picture, which I unfortunately can't share. It has really pixely pictures of three possible Blythes along with the names: Pickle Winkle, Melo Melo Mew, and Coco Colette. (Yes, you read that right, Pickle. Winkle.)

The following illustrations are from the Un Salon au Fund d'Un Lac blog writer who went to an exhibition and got to see the original illustrations, then redrew them for their blog. The translations are provided by BK user blythe-chan. (Because Google Translate for this page is horrible.)

Pickle Winkle

What a cutie! Has Takara/CWC ever released an "alternative" girl before? She looks like a collaboration with Tim Burton. (Wouldn't that be awesome, actually?!) Sarah, I already know you're going to have her. 

From BK:

Melo Melo Mew

I'm really excited for her. Since there's been a Neo in this style (Meowsy Wowsy - I wasn't thrilled about her at first, but now I want her) and a few Petites (like Tora Unpappa), word is she's going to be a Middie! We need a Middie with fantasy hair, so I'm really looking forward to this release and future news. And the more I've seen custom Middie's the more I want one.

From BK:

  • "Her style is like Meowsy Wowsy's little sister."
  • cat costume and striped apron
  • "hair and eyes are a beautiful mint." (Mint eyes? Could be interesting. I'm guessing since only one set of eyes were mentioned, it's a Middie.)
  • "bangs again."
  • "Is it like Simply Peppermint, Enchanted Petal, or Prima Dolly Melon?" though the writer would prefer Peppermint hair.

Here's a quick comparison of the three girls mentioned. Peppermint hair would be nice, though I'm really liking Enchanted Petal's. I think Peppermint's is more of a "mint" color though.

Coco Collette

*Update: It has been confirmed Coco Collete will be the next Neo released.*

Rumor has it she's the next girl out!
"Takara Tomy has changed their factory and the next doll, Coco Collete will come from the factory that have been making the Petites for the past 10 years. They are excellent and we are excited with this move." 
-Junko Wong, from an email to a fan via the Alexis Emerald fan page
This again? Didn't we just get one of these?  Rachel's Ribbon Encore? And then all the dolls similar to RaRi, and now there's another? I really should be happy, because there's a fantasy **green** haired Middie and a Neo with two colors, but I'm just not too thrilled with her. I do like the hair color, but she's been overdone. From the BK thread, people seem really excited about her, so that's always a plus.

From BK:
Even though I'm not too excited about Coco Colette, I am looking forward to seeing the official designs and releases, and will keep you updated!

Speaking of, I have some posts to do:
  1. A Review of Margo Unique Girl, which I'm rather glad I waited until she was released
  2. Factory Girls
  3. My Factory Alexis Emerald, the newest addition to my family, and a review of AlEm (not sure if this will be too separate posts)
That, and I'm getting a few hats made to add to the shop, so there's a lot of things going on over here!

Hope you're well,

♥ Jillie

P.S. Readers: please see pictures from the EssHippo NYC Meet Up 2012 HERE!


  1. I am really excited for melo melo mew as well. I REALLY hope she is a middie.

  2. I really want a mint hair with bangs, maybe Melo will be the one