Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kooky Clones!

Dear Jill,

I love what you have done with your new clone! How exciting! I can’t believe you got that mouth shape from just using a scalpel – you are a natural! And you're right - I MUST have a Pickle Winkle! Though what a strange name! XD
Better late than never – I am here to introduce these new ‘Mystery Clones’ or 'Kooky Clones' as we have taken to calling them! We know next to nothing about them!

For this post I have enlisted the help of the lovely MuffinCheeks on Flickr who was kind enough to loan us some of her great reference pictures :D

I first stumbled upon these girls on Ebay about 2 months ago, from the seller Madjare. I was intrigued by them as they are obviously clones, but look nothing like a Basaak/Blybe or CCE. I wondered if they were TaoBao girls, but found them not to be when I looked a little more into them. So what are they?!

I bought one, with red hair, and she arrived a couple of days later...

A New Clone?

She arrived naked, wrapped in bubble wrap, complete with a long wig of the same colour and a clover stand. I immediately went about examining her, and found she had Blythe CWC written on the back of her head. Was she really a Blythe?!


She comes with her eyelids painted pink with a little red heart, and 4 sets of nicely coloured eyechips...






I didn't even attempt to remove the chips because I liked them so much!
As you can see, the face has had some work done to it. The lips seem to have been carved slightly, then there's all the paint work. I took the make up off my girl, and she looks very much like a Blythe without it...

365 Toy Project (102/365)

I went about taking her apart, and found the scalp screw on the back of the head VERY hard to get loose. It seemed to have lost it's thread. I managed to carve a new tread in the screw head and got her open. This is her eyemech...


It seems to be made of one whole piece of plastic - ie the eyeballs don't come off the axel. She also has a screw in the top of her neck...


I've seen this done with Kenners before to make the neck more sturdy. I'm not sure if that's what's going on here or not though. The body itself seems very well made, though it doesn't bend at the knees.


Her scalp and dome are very much like a Blythe's. The scalp has flanges around the bottow edge that are stuck into the dome. I heard from the seller that you can easily remove the scalp after giving it a good soaking in hot water, to loosen the glue.


And her neck hole seems to be extra large! Look!


It gaps against the faceplates when the head is on. Hmm...

I was very curious about these dolls and went online to try and find out what they were, or at least who they were made by. All I managed to find out from the seller was that they were from China, and that’s all I could find out. So I posted a few pics on Flickr and waited for a response. It seems no one knows what they are – they are a whole new Blythe clone!

Over the weeks I have found some more owners of these dolls on Flickr - Jill made the Mysterious Blythe Clone group, and together we have been trying to figure them out. We have had a few leads, but nothing has come of them.

And that’s a far as we’ve got! Aren’t they interesting?! If you have any clues as to these girls identities please let us know! And feel free to join the Flickr Group!!

Thank you once again for letting us use your wonderful photos, MuffinCheeks! This post wouldn't have been possible without you!


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