Thursday, July 12, 2012

Melo Melo Mew

Dear Sarah,


The first Middle of 2012 is up and she is the cutest little kitten Blythe, Melo Melo Mew!!

Her basic information:

Hair color: Mint Green
Hair style: Long with bangs and loose curls
Eye color: Cool mint green
Eye shadow: Light green
Lips and Cheeks: Pink
Face color: Cream (Fair)

Release: August 2012
Price: 10,290 yen (129 USD; 84 GBP)

She's quite a good comparison to what we got back in May:

And here's a better picture:

Dolly Olé 

I'm hoping to get her since I'll be graduating (!!!) in August! ("Hey parents....!") And hopefully she'll be my first Middie, too!

Do you think you'll get one? Kitten Twins!

♥ Jillie

P.S. HERE'S the link to her BlytheKingdom thread.

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