Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Four New Girls Plus One!

Dear Sarah,

There's a lot of talk and commotion happening over here as the girls for the next few months are being revealed! I bring you dollies for August, September and October!


First, for August, the darling and beautiful Melomelomew, who I still desperately want, but I've bought two girls this month already. (Oops.) 

Tralalala, don't mind me, I have to check your petunias.

Why are you wearing an apron? Do you make sandwiches? 

She is irresistible, I really think I need to save for her! 

Image courtesy Helena / Funny Bunny

I actually had the English description here, but I have to put the Google Chrome Japanese to English translation because it's too funny. 

Formulations - is drunk, ♪ is the first kitten costume midi Bryce
The all-in-one white fluffy fur, has a long tail.
Blue × white striped apron dress is crisp suits.
Formulations - drunk love cute things! favorite dress with a button and ribbon motif, such as the race of the Heart in the parts of the apron dress
Hat with cat ears is, of course. Charm point is the inside of the ear, also has become pink polka dots adorable × white.
Hair color is a pale mint green, hair style is long hair loose curl up with a long ass bangs.

Gurl got them long ass bangs.

You can find the English HERE.

Flickr group: HERE


The first girl for September is 'Pickle' and her dance troupe 'Winkle'? I still think those are very odd names, but she has a rockin' wardrobe and I love that little hair stripe. And jumpsuit. Can I just get her stock clothes and scalp, will CWC let me do that?

Grunge chic.
I want your wardrobe!
Is she running from herself, or do all members of Winkle look exactly the same?

Anyway, I do like her, and I think she's definitely a Sarah doll. 

Flickr group: HERE


Finally, for October, we have Slow Nimes.

 "No matter what the situation I promise myself to take life each day at a time and to cherish the hours in it. I take my time, to taste the food I eat.
I walk slowly to see the beauty around me.
I am Slow Nimes and I stick to my philosophy of a slow lifestyle."

Slow Nimes is a unique girl who lives life on her terms.
She chooses to live slowly and cherish each moment of the day.
She wears a sweet beret, camisole top and polka dot pants.
Her coat has a lace collar and two kinds of lace decorating the hems to resemble a sailor's shirt.
He beret is adorned with two kinds of ribbon and lovely gold button to add to the nautical look.
 She wears dark red knee socks and two toned "lace-up" style boots.

Her hairstyle is long and straight with straight bangs.
Her hair color is light brown.
She wears beige eyeshadow and rose colored lips and cheeks.
This natural make up gives her a healthy glow.
Her face type is Fairest, in a long awaited "natural" tone.

** Enjoy the design illustration for a hint of what's to come.
Please note, the final product may differ from the design image.
* Tentative Release Date: October 2012
Price: 144,90 JPY

I think she'll be cute, especially since she's an FBL, but what's up with her name. Slow? Is she lazy? Are French people stereotyped as lazy? And Nimes, is she named after the city in France? The city itself isn't even on the water:

Nimes is the red square.
And, just because, I did a little messing around with Google Maps and it's about an hour from Nimes to the Mediterranean Sea. So no idea on that part.

I think the best thing I've heard about this doll was the Google Chrome translation WoodSpriteBlythe posted on her Flickr stream. Not only do we get "Eat slowly, walk slowly, deep sleep. I want to enjoy slowly, such a relaxed time. Throw Nimes, girls have firmly your own policy, have spent one's own lifestyle." but the best line ever:  "Face type is Fairest, Fair Face Color is Death (natural skin)". Thus she has been christened Throw Knives, which I like a whole lot better.


And, new on the rumor trail from BlytheKingdom and the header of Junko Wong's Blog

Rei Ayanami

Blythe x Evangelion Rei Ayanami is supposed to launch by the end of 2012. 

I know I'm not the only one going Evange-who? so thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Rei Ayanami is a character (and deuteragonist - coolest word ever!) from Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime. 

Here is the character Rei:

This place sucks. My hands are really big.

A better picture of the Blythe:

Where's my ship? Are you sure we parked in this volcano?

And the Rei Pullip: 


As far as rumors go, the Rei Blythe will retain the shaggy blue haircut (which I am so into), her little spacesuit thing, and her 'cat ears' which is actually an interface headset.

The only anime I've ever watched was Sailor Moon, and that was only a couple of times, but I am into that hair. Granted, I do like the Pullip's hair better. 

Also, in the first picture Rei Blythe has different lips! Is she really made up of random parts to be a prototype and that faceplate just happened to be carved, or are we getting a new one? I'm a little RBL-ed out, but if it's RBL with new lips I'd be fine.

BlytheKingdom thread HERE


This refers to the 11th Anniversary girl, Red Delicious. She will be getting a separate post.

Hope you can keep up with them all! I'm really excited to see them OOB.

♥ Jillie

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