Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Girls (???) and an Article

Dear Sarah,

I hope you're having a blast at BlytheCon UK today!!! I really wish I could have been there with you, awing at customs and Kenners, taking a ton of pictures, and spending way too much money on little clothes.

In honor of BCUK, The Guardian did an article on us!
Original Blythe dolls sell for thousands and their adult collectors love to dress them up and photograph them. Ahead of BlytheCon UK on Saturday, Huma Qureshi finds out why

It's an interesting article. I shared it on Facebook and the general consesus of my friends is that they're scary. Odd, I fell in love with them at first sight! Maybe viewing them in real life is a different experience. 

Speaking of viewing in real life, we have two more releases for 2012! Takara is working their butts off! 

We all knew about Ayanami Rei Meets Blythe but now we have her illustration:

And more information about the doll herself:

Ayanami Rei Meets Blythe ~ White Light~ (CWC Exclusive)
Facetype: radiance
Hair color: light blue
Eyechips: all special colors, (variations of red)
Eyeshadow: brown
Eyelid: brown
Eyelashes: Special
Lips and cheeks: light pink
Face color: snow (white)
Release: December 2012
Price: 24,990 yen ($317, £196)
Limited to 2000 unities.

We also have another Middie coming! Middie-palooza! Her name is Parson Grace and she is Vinter Arden's little sister.

Hair color: pink mixed with brown (the same as Vinter Arden)
Eyes: Ice blue
Eyeshadow: green
Cheek and lips: salmon pink
Face color: cream (white)
Release date: November 2012
Price: 10,290 yen ($130; £81)

So cute! I love her dress.

I hope you're having a ton of fun at BCUK, Sarah, and can't wait to see all the pictures!!! ♥ Jillie

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