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Ayanami Grace Delights in Love Hugs (5 Girls!)

Dear Sarah,

I loved seeing the pictures from BCUK! I really really wish I had been able to go. :( Next year. Actually, next year we'll go to both, Glasgow and New York City, and have stands at both. And hopefully take some of these new dolls that are coming out, because I have final designs and a new girl for you to check out!

Ayanami Rei meets Blythe - White Light

Here to tempt you even further, final photographs of Ayanami Rei meets Blythe!

CWC tried to stay very close to the anime to present Ayanami Rei in time for the third installment of the Evangelion film series.

The plug suit consists of a separation-type suit as well as a full body suit with a glossy finish, as well as a simple pair of shoes newly modeled for the "Ayanami Rei meets Blythe -White Light-" version of the EVA plug suit.
The full body suit has printed elements of navy, green, red, silver, and purple, and is tailored close to the Blythe body.
We have even recreated the shoulder protectors, wrist dials, and back armor.
We have also taken special care considering the interface head set.
We have recreated the distinct image of the interface headset by placing them on either side of the newly created head band.
A new light-blue saran has been used to recreate Ayanami Rei's unique shade of hair color.
Her bobbed hair has been cut with a light shag, with longer bangs, in order to simulate her haircut from the movies.
We have taken a natural, yet unique approach to the makeup on "Ayanami Rei meets Blythe -White Light-.
" A light-brown tone on her eyelids and eye shadow, special black eyelashes, and delicate pink lips.
Her lower lip is a shade lighter than her upper lip.
All of her eye chips have been consolidated to shades of red, all of them newly created for this occasion.
Please enjoy the nuanced range of emotions this "Ayanami Rei meets Blythe -White Light-" has to offer.
This doll's pull-string charm has been specially created as well.
The NERV logo is printed on one side of the charm and Blythe logo printed on the other. The stand is pearl white.

For a non Evangelion fan she's quite adorable, and I love that little suit. The head set still looks like cat ears, but I've never seen the anime.

FOUR special eye chip colors!

Love these lashes, and her natural makeup.

CWC seems to have taken a lot of care to get her details right. I hope she pleases Evangelion and Ayanami Rei fans. 

Face Type: Radiance
Skin Type: Snow
Make up: Eyeshadow: Light Brown / Lip: Upper lip is pink, Lower lip is light pink (special specs) / Cheek: Pink
Eyelid: Light Brown (special specs)
Eyelashes: Black (special specs)
Eyecolor: Light Pink (front facing), Neon Red (right), Orange-Pink (front facing), Dark Magenta (left) (all of them special specifications)
Hair Color: Blue (new color)
Dress Set Contents: Doll, upper body suit, lower body suit, full body suit, hair band, hair accessories, arm band, shoes, underwear, stand.
Release Date: December, 2012
Price: ¥24,990 ($315; £197)


Parson Grace

Next is Parson Grace, the Middie with earmuffs!

She is so cute! I think I'm starting to have Middie fever. I pre-ordered Francoise Ananassa, but put her away until Christmas, though I did take a peek at her to make sure she was okay and Middies are so adorable! They definitely fit the niche of Blythe's little sister. 

Except that shawl makes her look a little Little House on the Prairie-ish.

I really like this girl more than Vinter Arden. VA was kinda boring, but I think the pinkish brown hair and delicate theme works on a Middie. They seem more delicate anyways. Plus, they upped her makeup so I think that helps. Her cheeks look like she just stepped in from a winter walk!

Parson Grace is the Middie sister of the Neo Blythe Vinter Arden from 2010.  Parson is our very first Mori Girl Middie Blythe! Her style is soft and natural like a girl of the forest. Her sweet styling shows her tender and kind heart.

She wears a lavender one-piece dress with a pleated in an asymmetrical line and empire waist. 
Her skirt has snow flake, squirrel, tree and heart printed motif making cute rustic print. 
Her stole is blue green, and earmuffs are blue. Her accessories are in soft colors those match her one-piece really well. She wears grey socks with special long boots. 

Her face color is cream. Her hair is champagne brown with a center parted and soft body wave. Her make up, and coloring all matches "Vinter Arden" to make her the perfect little sister. She has green eyeshadow, salmon pink cheeks and lips, ice blue eye color.
To make her looks more special, her make up is a little bit stronger than the Neo Blythe version.

Skin Type: cream (fair)
Make Up: eyeshadow- green, lips- salmon pink, cheeks- salmon pink
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: Champagne brown
The set includes: doll, one-piece dress, stole, boots, shorts, and doll stand.

Release date: November 23, 2012
Retail price: 10,290 yen ($129; £81)

Preorder will begin from November 16th on the Junie Moon international online shopping site. 

I really like her stock clothes as well. If I were to eventually get another Middie in the future, it'd be this girl.


Simply Delight

The first of the new twins of the Simply line. I can't remember, Sarah, is this the twin I'm getting or you're getting? :p

She has red wedge boots! I want her just for that, actually. 

Simply Delight features fashionable red wedge boots and tights with a casual A-line tunic.  The tunic has a printed red ribbon with the message "Delightful, Sensational, Believable" on the ribbon graphic.
The white polka-dots on black are bigger on the right side than the left for a charming asymmetry.

I really like the asymmetry of these two girls. I really want her stock, but I find the doll herself to be boring. I think it's the uncustomized RBL mold. 

Booring eyes. She might be a good blank platform for customs.

Stock NEED. 

Face Type: Radiance
Skin Type: Fair (Natural Skin)
Make-up: Eye shadow- Brown, Lip-Salmon Pink , Blush- Pink Salmon
Eye Color: Orange (front), blue (right), pink (front), Green (left)
Hair Color: Brownish Pink
The set includes: One Piece, tights, headband, boots, underwear, and stand.

Release date: 11/9/2012 (Friday)
Price: 12390 yen ($156; £97)

Release date:
November 11 at , Daikanyama Junie Moon, Shinjuku Marui one "LeLe Junie Moon ,” Kichijoji Chara Park" Blythe Shop by Junie Moon" Will be sold in shops across the country.

Yes, I realize there's two release dates. I'll keep you updated. 


University of Love

University of Love, or The Girl with the Stock Clothes EVERYONE Wants

I was actually really considering getting this girl. One, I really want her stock. And two, I need want (it's a need, ok!) a girl with blond curly hair so I could get her customized or customize her into Claudia, the vampire girl child from Interview with a Vampire.

Movie fact: Kristen Dunst's first onscreen kiss, with BRAD  PITT.

But her hair really doesn't seem curly enough. I think Margo Unique Girl would be a better choice, especially since she's translucent and that would be a better choice for a vampire.

But I digress, back to University of Love:

"University of Love" is a university that people from around the world come to learn to love each others.
She is wearing a camisole one-piece with cream cotton top and high waist skirt made of moss green satin with 2 layers tulle decorated.
Her tailored color blazer has 4 colors of dark red, dark blue, beige and orange stripes.
The blazer looks very fashionable with gold crown embroided at the left pocket.
Her socks are black high-socks and colors on front are different. The left side is blue, the right side is pink coordinated with cream and brown wingtip shoes.

She has bright blonde hair with bangs. Her hair is permed curly hair which give her luxurious image.
Pink ribbon hair elastics makes her look even more adorable!
 She has special green eye color which match her green eyeshadow and orange cheeks and lips.

Green eyeshadow and orange cheeks, are they trying to make her look like she has influenza? This is another girl who's stock I really want, but I'm not too thrilled with the doll. I do like that they've added wavy blonde hair, it doesn't seem to be very common. 

Special chippies! Green of course, because she's the living persona of Envy.

Ooo, silky undies, fancy.

Face Type: Radiance
Skin Type: Fair (natural skin)
Make Up: Eyeshadow: Green, Lips: orangish pink, Cheeks: orangish pink
Eye Colors: Light green (center special color), Blue (right), Pink (center), green (left)
Hair Color: Blonde
Manicure: Orange

Set Detail:
One-piece, blazer, hair elastic (2 of them), socks, shoes, shorts, doll stand.

Release Date: 16 November 2012
Retail Price: 14,490 yen (tax included) ($182; £114)

We start accepting reservation from 12:00 pm on 9 November through Online Shop Junie Moon
The doll will be available from 16 November 2012 at CWC official shop Daikanyama Junie Moon, Shinjuku Marui One Lele Junie Moon,
Kichijoji Chara Park Blythe Shop by Junie Moon and offical shops through out the country.

Lavender Hug

And a new release! Looking to be released this year, but I'm guessing she won't be coming out till 2013, I present Lavender Hug:

"I was born with this hair color! It's really true.
Since I was a child, it has made me so happy, I have wanted to hug everyone!"
Even in the winter, "Lavender Hug" will keep you warm with her cute style.
The clothes she wears greatly compliment her lavender hair color! Her pink dress, warm earmuffs and fluffy boots keep her bundled and cozy!
Her drop-waist dress has an adorable knitwear detail around the collar and cuffs.
Her herringbone tights add a graphic "pop!" to her outfit, and look great with her warm boots.
Her lavender hair, with loose curls and full bangs, is her charm point .
Her face type is "Fairest" and her skin is pale as snow.
For her makeup she wears soft brown eyeshadow, pink cheek and lip.
* Please note, the final product may differ from the design image.
Tentative Release Date: December 2012
Price: 14,490 JPY ($182; £114)

Why does she need to hug everyone? How was she born with purple hair, genes don't work like that? I do like her outfit, and am excited about seeing a snow white FBL, though I hope her hair color isn't like Lilac's and is closer to some of that shimmery purple we've been seeing on factory girls. 

Lila in lilac
Such as this.

Or this, why could explain why she has the genes for purple hair.

And you really know her hair looks like this. It can't be unseen.

If you've gotten here, praise you! This has been quite a long post, 5 girls in all, but I hope I helped spread the word about Christmas presents! ;] 

♥ Jillie

 Next post: the girls model the goodies you sent me from BCUK!

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