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BlytheCon UK 2012

Dear Jill,

I am loving the new girls, especially Ayanami Rei Meets Blythe! I think she’s gonna be a must for my collection! And I loled at the article - ‘Too scary for children’ XD

Please forgive me for being so behind with blog related stuff! My mind has been elsewhere these past few weeks. But better late than never, here is the BlytheCon UK 2012 post!

We were lucky enough to be staying at the venue, which was the lovely Double Tree by Hilton…

We started our day early - we had breakfast nearby and made our way back to the hotel for 10am, where we found the event was being held on the 1st floor. It was decked out with the BCUK colour themed balloons

My Mum and I were 4th in the queue! Upon registration we received our goodie bags and made our way to the raffle prize table - there were so many great prizes there!


Here are the EssHippo items we contributed…

First things first - the stalls! There were some great stalls this year, here are just a handful of them:


Whilst walking round I bumped into Princess MuffinCheeks (Lauren), her boyfriend Jamie and her friends! It was so nice to meet them at last after talking on Flickr! Lauren was kind enough to bring us gifts - bunny hair clips and a cute handmade dress, seen here modelled by Zoe!

Thank you Lauren!

I also bumped into mydollies4 and the charming April Dori! Both ladies were so nice and friendly, and I feel honoured to have got to hold April Dori!

At about 11:30am we were told the Customisation Workshop was going to be happening across the hall, so I made my way there. The workshop was hosted by the fab Fifilatrixabel

We learnt a lot of handy information about customising, including tips on carving, lip painting and eyemech removal. I also picked up some tips about which craving tools are suitable to use, which was great!

After the workshop I made my way to the competition room and handed in my entry for the Party Dress Comp…

I also used this opportunity to vote in this and the photo comp, and made my way back to the vendors room.

On the way out I bumped into the lovely Amy Carney and Jodie from Flickr! They were so nice and friendly - I love their girls and I think Amy was taken with Evelyn :P I received a fab headband from Amy too - modelled here by Evelyn!

Thank you Amy!

I had a look round the vendors room again and picked up some more goodies, and got some more pics…

By this time it was about 1pm, and I was hungry so I made my way back up to my room for a snack. By doing this I missed the Kenner Restoration workshop, which I’m angry at myself about as I really wanted to see it : (

I made my way back to the event about 30mins later, and mingled abit. I talked to BaD_JuJu and BaconLovesBlythe - both lovely ladies!

I thought I’d have a final look round the vendors room, and I’m glad I did! Over on Pipparrots table amongst the beautiful scalps were some of Fifilatrixabels amazing customs - including a sweet little demon girl. She caught my eye as she was so different and I loved her hair! I talked to Fiflatrixabel and found the demon girl was for sale, and at a very reasonable price too. I was so excited! I was about to buy her when we got the call for the Kenner Line Up in the photo room, so I dashed off to that, got my pic of all the lovely Kenners (including Evelyn!)…

… and made my way back to get my demon girl. Luckily she was still there, so I handed over my money and she was mine! Here she is, back in the hotel room…

I later found out that Jodie, who I had met earlier was also after her. I felt kind of bad for Jodie as she had seen her first, but she assured me she was ok with me getting her, so that was a relief : )

I met back up with Lauren and we made our way down to the All Blythe Line Up, which was taking place in the foyer. It was so busy that unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all the girls :(

As we were goingy back to the event we found a vacant trolley and took advantage of a good photo opportunity!

I love Laurens girls - they are so much fun! Mini Lauren has a really unique personality and Panda is so cute! We went back upstairs to view the video messages.

It was getting towards the end of the messages and we decided to go and get a good spot for the raffle draw. 

We stood patiently, but unfortunately neither of us won anything. I did see the EssHippo items be won though - I hope their new owners are happy with them! And big congrats to everyone that did win - everybody looked so happy to receive a prize!

As the raffle was ending we bumped into IssabellaTheCat who I have talked to on Flickr - she was so nice! I think she won something at the raffle which is fab!

That was effectively the end of the convention, so Lauren and her friends went to get ready for the after party and I went and picked up our cakes - I hope you don’t mind, Jill, but I let my Dad have your cake as it would have been difficult to send to you! He said it was very nice, Thank you!

So that was it - BlytheCon over for another year. It was such a great day and I met so many nice people there. I think I talked to everyone I had hoped to, which is great. Blythe people are so nice and welcoming - although I was there on my own I felt at home amongst everyone, which was really nice.

I would just like to say a massive Thank You to all the organisers, vendors, workshop hosts and basically everyone who made BlytheCon a success. It was my first BlytheCon and hopefully it won’t be my last!

I look forward to Glasgow next year - I’m even thinking we can have an EssHippo table!

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