Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Long Time, No See!

Hi Jill! Wow, been a while since I was active on here - I'm so sorry for being away so long, but I'm back now *thumbs up!* So, how have your dolly dealings been going? I'm still collecting like mad - I think I now have about 27 girls?! I think it's become an addiction lol! I still have my Etsy shop, Eriko's Emporium, and am still selling the usual Punky Monkey Hats and Baby Fangsters too. I also sell a few new hats and jumpers too - the jumpers I make with my Mum :P

Actually, at the moment I'm having a Baby Fangster sale you might be interested in - all Neo Blythe BF hats are £5 each, for a limited time! The reason behind the sale is I recently had a yarn buying binge in Great Yarmouth and got WAY to much yarn, so have been making little hats from all the new pretty skeins :P

Also today I got a delivery of TBL girls, ready for customising! I am lucky enough to have a stall again at this years BCUK in London, and hope to have a few custom girlies available for sale there, along with hats, of course hehe! I wish you could come over to London for the 'con!! Would be so much fun! Anyways, I think that's all for now. Keep me posted on all your dolly activity!! And I promise to blog more often!

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  1. We should try and make a list of all your girls! I'm so jealous! I'm down to about 5.